a message from the provost

Adrian Daly standing outside Thayer Hall on colburn campus
prospective students and families, welcome.

i am thrilled that you are interested in making colburn’s music academy a part of your musical and artistic journey. your future as a professional musician will continue to thrive here.

the music academy is a place to grow, explore, and engage—all with a committed community of support around you. our robust and comprehensive program provides conservatory-level training tailored to your interests. in-depth instrumental performance, and music theory instruction is complemented by skill-based training in the areas of stage presence, musician health, career development, and more. with a focus on excellence, you will learn from world-class faculty and work with renowned guest artists while performing often, both as a soloist and as an ensemble player.

at colburn, we strive to train the whole artist. as you develop as a performer, community engagement opportunities, academic support, and an emphasis on collaborative learning will help you reach your full artistic potential.

your time in the music academy is a stepping-stone to the world’s top conservatories. bring your passion and dedication, and we will ensure you are prepared for the path ahead.

with best wishes,
adrian daly, dma